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Customized Online Training

Get Expert Coaching from Anywhere in the World

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How it Works

Customized online training is the gateway to your success as a remote training client with Mach 1. 

The process begins with a consultation. Upon signing up you will be contacted by a team member to schedule a call at your convenience. On this call you and a coach will discuss key factors to your success, such as; Your Goals, Exercise and Injury History, Nutrition Habits, Training Schedule, and Gym Access/Equipment Available to You!

Once the consultation is complete, the final step will be to set up your Mach 1 Barbell Account which is the app where you will find the initial movement assessment to help us establish a healthy baseline for you, and where you will find your training program from here on.

The Mach 1 Barbell app allows us to enhance your remote training experience because its tools and user interface helps us bridge the gap between virtual and in person training. "How?" you might ask.

The Mach 1 Barbell App allows you, the client, to see of every exercise prescribed to you in your program in short, yet descriptive, and easily digestible videos! Additionally, the app allows you to record yourself training and show us your form so that the coaches can provide feedback and ensure success.

This app includes other features, such as, nutrition and meal tracker, body measurement tracker, and it archives all data input including any measurements taken, weights used for every exercise, and how many reps you have done with that weight!

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