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Mach 1 Method

We hope your reaction time is fast enough to catch your jaw from dropping after seeing all of the amazing results Mach 1 clients have achieved! 

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Olympic Weightlifting TEAM

Weightlifting Team Success

Hailee Donow


I will never be able to express just how much of an impact Mach 1 Barbell has had on my life. From the minute I walked into the gym for the first time, I felt like I was home. I joined the team with much less experience than the other members, but have never once felt any less important than anyone else.


The coaches are dedicated to understanding each athlete as an individual and work tirelessly to creating personalized programs to help foster success and growth in each person. They care so much about ensuring that each athlete is not only thriving and growing physically, but mentally as well. The coaches motivate us to work hard but ensure that we're always having fun while doing so.


Mach 1 is not just a team, it's a family. I am continually motivated by my teammates and coaches to become a better version of myself. They cheer me on with my successes and lift me up during moments of frustration. I leave every practice a better, happier, stronger, more confident person. I am so grateful to have found this incredible group of people, who bring such happiness to my life both in and out of the gym.


Since joining Mach 1, I have found an inner strength in myself that I never knew existed and have found myself more motivated to live every day with more intention, able to conquer anything that comes my way. Joining this team was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Meghan Hogan


Being a personal trainer myself, I am very particular in coaches that I hire. Mach One Coaches are three of the best coaches that I have seen in the industry. They all have extensive knowledge in not only Olympic weightlifting but all aspects of coaching, strength and conditioning, exercise science, and nutrition coaching necessary to run a well-oiled machine of a team.


Being part of Mach One barbell has given me new skillsets to aspire to excel at, extensive coaching to improve such skillsets and the team camaraderie that one would hope for hopping onto a weightlifting team. Mach One family is an amazing group to be a part of! We're all here to have fun and #sendit!


I have not only improved on my skillsets in Olympic lifting but have seen drastic changes in areas that I did not think possible. I feel like my "athletic" self that I had felt like in years past as a former lacrosse player (many moons ago). I have seen great changes in my range of motion in shoulders, hips, ankles. I have gotten rid of chronic pain in my shoulder that I had given up on. I have seen changes in my body that I had hoped for with a new skillset but didn't think was possible.


Join the mach one team and you will not be disappointed! Best choice I made!

Intro to Weightlifting

Intro to WL Success

Elizabeth Lang

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 2.12.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 2.13.08 PM.png

In August 2020 (first photo), I went to Mach 1 Barbell's Intro to Olympic Weightlifting welcome class. By the end of the year (second photo), I lifted a 93 lbs. clean and jerk!


Learning the lifts can be challenging, scary, but ultimately, very rewarding. Having the coaches there every step of the way to provide advice and encouragement has been a tremendous boost. You can tell that they love the sport and want to share their passion and knowledge, so that you can be successful.


I enjoyed the class so much that I also signed up for their virtual training so that I could continue to build strength during the week and show up to class ready to send it! During the pandemic, they have followed every rule to keep us safe. If you're looking for a challenge, a great way to improve overall strength, boost confidence, and have fun all at the same time, reach out to Mach 1 Barbell. I'm happy I did!

Online Training

AJ Gaines, DPT


I'm currently on week 6 of Mach 1 virtual coaching and I love it!  As a CSCS, I've always preferred writing my own programs; however, I had difficulty when it came to Olympic lifting.  The program from Mach 1 is better than anything I could have written.  It is the perfect intensity.  I can feel and see progress with each session.  I receive quick and sometimes immediate feedback on my lifts through Trainerize.  


These 3 coaches all have an impeccable ability to break down your movements and identify deficits and give quick cues to improve your lifts.  Their coaching is extremely positive and constructive.  Every workout is hard, but not too strenuous; it's the right intensity.  I've been dealing with on and off back pain for years and since starting their program, this is the first time in years that I have been able to improve lifts without my back flaring up.  


If you're looking for coaching and programming all in one, despite your busy schedule, location, or social distancing, I highly recommend this program.  As a physical therapist, I recommend this program as a safe and effective way to become better at Olympic lifts and to improve strength and power.

AJ Online Trainig

DJ Stieber, DPT

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 1.54.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 1.54.41 PM.png

I've recently completed the 14 week Olympic Remote Programming from Mach1Barbell and have been so happy with the progress I've made. I started with CrossFit back in 2017 but always avoided snatch, OHS, & some of the other technical work because I knew I wasn't great at them. I finally decided that it was time to work on those weak links and get some coaching, and over the last 14 weeks have seen great technical improvements with the consistency, variability of movements & individual attention & communication through the app.


I honestly felt beforehand that I would drop off by week 3 or 4 but I didn't miss a session throughout the entire program & that's a credit to how much I enjoyed the programming.


Also a major plus was that it wasn't overwhelming in terms of complexity or volume & the constant feedback I received session to session helped manage & apply feedback from the coaches. I'm a PT so finding time to train can be difficult with long hours, but getting to my programming never felt like a chore, it was always something I looked forward to.


While the knowledge I've gained has definitely made me a better athlete, it has also translated into my clinical practice and I feel better able to serve the CrossFit community & barbell athletes in general. From starting with an empty barbell barely able to get into an OHS without additional help to burying my first loaded OHS & seeing huge progress in the weight I've been able to manage, I can't recommend this program enough for anyone looking to improve their barbell/Oly competency & proficiency! Crazy what happens with a little consistency, direction & attentive coaching! Thanks for helping me SEND IT guys!

DJ Online Trainin

6 Week Challenge Transformations

6 Week Challenge Results

Shannon Bennet

Goal: Weight Loss

Shannon Before.jpg


Shannon After.jpg


"Hi Everyone!

My name is Shannon Bennett, I competed in the Mach1Barbell six week challenge April-May 2021.

What a fun and exciting experience!!  In 6 weeks, I lost 6.5 lbs and several inches from neck to calves! I lost so much but gained even more…confidence, happiness, strength, nutritional guidance, etc. 

The coaches (Patrick, Jason, and RJ) are so supportive, knowledgeable and want to see you succeed in your health and fitness goals! They’re with you every step of the way, will answer any questions, guide you in the right direction to help attain those goals you set for yourself.

You sign-in to the Trainerize app daily to view a specific customized workout for you, to track your food consumption and keep in touch with the guys. There’s so much more to the app though including videos to follow, track your workout time and track other activities not scheduled too!

The experience was a life changer for me! I’m so happy I signed up for it!!"

-Shannon Bennet, 6/14/2021

Maria McC Before.jpg


Maria McClelland

Goal: Increase Strength

Maria McC After.jpg


Maria Pucci

Goal: Weight Loss

Maria Pucci before.jpg


Pre-Challenge Stats:

  • Bodyweight 186lbs

  • 45 inch Hips

  • 40 inch Waist

  • 13.3 inch Arms

  • 23.9 inch Thighs

Post-Challenge Stats:

  • Bodyweight 176lbs

  • 43 inch Hips

  • 35 inch Waist

  • 12.8 inch Arms

  • 21 inch Thighs

Maria Pucci after.jpg


Jayme Montez

Goal: Increase Strength

Matthew Pucci

Goal: Fat Loss/Muscle Gain

Matt pucci before.jpg


Pre-Challenge Stats:

  • Bodyweight 195lbs

  • 39 inch Chest

  • 41 inch Hips

  • 37 inch Waist

  • 12.5 inch Arms

  • 23 inch Thighs

Post-Challenge Stats:

  • Bodyweight 186lbs

  • 40 inch Chest

  • 38 inch Hips

  • 33.5 inch Waist

  • 12 inch Arms

  • 21 inch Thighs

Matt pucci after.jpg


Andrew Kutchens



Goal: Fat Loss/Muscle Gain

Pre-Challenge Stats:

  • Bodyweight 234

  • Mile pace sub 14 minutes

Post-Challenge Stats:

  • Bodyweight 208

  • Mile pace sub 10 minutes



Personal Training Testimonials

Personal Training

Tais Aparicio


I have been training with Mach 1 since July 2021 and all I can say is my results are amazing! My goals before training were to get toned and grow my glutes. From July up until now I can see the difference and I’m glad to be training with them. Friends and family have told me that I have gotten in shape and that my glutes have gotten bigger. Safe to say, training has gotten me to my goals. One thing I value is that when training, Jason pushes me to finish the set and not quit. Training not only has affected me physically but it has also affected my mindset. It has allowed me to challenge myself and allowed me to see my potential when exercising. Now I’m able to say I actually enjoy exercising. All in all, I’m grateful for Mach 1 and Jason for pushing me towards my goals and allowing me to get there.

Tais Testimonial

Joe Amoroso


I had the good fortune of being introduced to M1B in January 2021.  I made an appointment to meet Coaches Jason, Patrick and RJ; we spoke at length about general health, life style and goals. They conducted a thorough evaluation of my current physical condition . 


We decided to focus on
   ⁃    Strength
   ⁃    Posture
   ⁃    Muscular Endurance   


I was convinced that M1B was the team for me given their holistic approach to training. My journey to a better physical condition would not be limited to exercise but would also include nutrition and a certain emotional component. 


I began my training immediately; 2 days in person and 2 days a week at home on Trainerize.  The program is intense and the results take time but Coaches Jason and Patrick explained clearly that in order to achieve my goals we needed to work diligently on building a strong core. I am now in my 10th month of training and I can see the results of a dedicated program; building strength, better posture and awareness and greater muscular endurance.


Coaches Patrick and Jason are always keeping a close eye on my development, adjusting the program to my individual needs and goals while keeping me safe from injury. They make the program interesting, fun and difficult!  The coaches are always positive- believing in me more than I believe in myself and keeping me mentally motivated. 


Coaches Jason, Patrick and RJ have a wealth of information about muscle development, the body and nutrition that they are always willing to share with you. 


I highly recommend this very special team of coaches who will work as hard as you to ensure the development of a better and healthier you.  What are you waiting for?

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