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Olympic Weightlifting 

An Individual Sport in a Team Environment

On the competition platform it is you in the spotlight, but with Mach 1 you have a whole team behind you! Typically weightlifting turns into an individualized sport; how we differ at Mach 1 Barbell is our strong community of athletes and coaches. The inclusive and supportive Mach 1 barbell community has been developed through our availability to various training styles accommodating to any level athlete. With weekly practices, and daily coaching through the trainerize app, the outcomes are limitless. Not only will you gain support, guidance, and allies within the sport, but you will gain long lasting friendships! 

Comp vs Basic

Coaching Philosophy

Putting the Athlete Back into Weightlifters

We, the coaches at Mach 1 Barbell, define ourselves as strength and conditioning coaches with a passion for the sport of weightlifting with an expertise in movement science and corrective exercise. The weightlifting programs we devise are not only meant to peak you for any event or milestone you are looking to achieve, but also to optimize your movement patterns in order to decrease risk of injury and increase performance as an overall athlete, not just a weightlifter.


Our programs are built on the results of an in depth, 56 point, movement assessment we conduct with every client. After implementing appropriate corrective exercises, we develop training programs that include a variety of movements to promote muscular balance, technical efficiency, and overall progress. 

The Mach 1 Method: Experiences our Athletes Have

Online Weightlifting Team

Onlie WL Team

For Anyone Looking for a Team Environment on the Go

The M1B Team centers the peaks of their training around two competitions, NOAS1 & NAOS2. Both of these competitions are national level meets sanctioned by USA Weightlifting, and are typically held in March and September. This gives the team plenty of time to cycle between phases of strength, body recomposition & hypertrophy, skill development, and peaking. By becoming an Online Team Athlete, you will not only be connected with the entire team, but you will be able to follow the same program and have access to similar benefits as they  do!

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Private Community Group

Culture is an extremely valued aspect of the Mach 1 community. Our goal is to develop a community of weightlifters who are driven, empathetic, and supportive. One of the ways we do this is via a private community group within our training app!

This community allows all of our team athletes to connect, share their progress, and learn from anywhere around the world!

Get the Coaching and Support YOU Need

Different people are looking for different levels of support, and we understand that! That's why we've created three (3) membership options to choose from for Online Team Training!


*Note: It is our promise that all athletes deserve a coach with them in person at a national level meet or higher! No matter what membership level you are signed up as, know that we will be there to support you!

Tier 1: $99/month

  • 2-way communication via training app

  • Access to Private Form Check Forum Group

  • Updated Team Training Program

  • Discount code on M1B merchandise

  • Free Team Shirt!

Tier 2: $150/month

  • Movement Assessment with Personalized Corrective Exercises & Warm Ups

  • 2-way communication via training app

  • Access to Private Form Check Forum Group

  • Updated Team Training Program

  • Discount code on M1B merchandise

  • Free Team Shirt!


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