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Intro to Weightlifting

Learn the traditional weightlifting movements:
Snatch, Clean, and the Jerk

The Intro to Weightlifting Class is a 6 week course that will progress you through the necessary steps toward learning the lifts, in addition to physically preparing you to complete them safely. Enrollment for new classes start immediately following a 6 week cycle of training, meaning there will always be an opportunity for you to start!


Weightlifting is a technique demanding sport, and 6 weeks is not enough time for you to become an expert; however, by the end of the course you should expect to be competent and experienced enough o participate in classes that utilize these movements, and understand the terminology used in weightlifting.  

Each class will have up to 3 coaches present, all with Level 2 USA Weightlifting coach certifications, and at least two years of competitive weightlifting experience. 

Weightlifting is an extremely rewarding skill to learn! The physical demands, mobility, stability, and strength, combined with the diligence and patience needed make for a very fulfilling journey that we'd love the opportunity to guide you through! If you want more information, please email

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