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Coach Sharon Dilts

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Headshot Photo

Personal Best Lifts:

Squat: 195 lbs
Bench Press: 100 lbs
Deadlift: 221 lbs

Snatch: 108 lbs /49 kgs
Clean+Jerk: 143 lbs/65kgs

Sharon Dilts is a full time middle school history teacher who began her second career as a CPT in 2018. She dabbled in running while attending the University of Delaware, but shortly after recognized the need to incorporate strength training into her routine. She began working with a trainer at her local gym to properly learn how to perform the various movement patterns, and soon after fell in love with strength training. Always a learner, Sharon decided to enhance her knowledge of the gym by obtaining her personal training certification in 2018. Once she obtained her certification she began working at CentraState Fitness and Wellness, training a wide population of clients ranging from those with special needs, general population, and competitive powerlifters. This allowed for Sharon to combine her love of teaching with her love for fitness and health.


After Sharon began working at the gym she began working with her colleague, Mach 1 Barbell’s very own, Coach Patrick to learn the fundamentals of Olympic Weightlifting. While she had already loved strength training, she loved training the Olympic movements even more because it made her simultaneously feel strong and athletic. She has since gone on to obtain her USAW Level 2 certification in addition to her USAPL certification and has coached athletes in both Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting. 


Growing up in a household with an Italian mother, Sharon also had a passion for cooking and baking at an early age. Once she started training she recognized the need to fuel her performance and the importance of a balanced diet. A short while later she completed her Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification, and has since worked with several nutrition clients. She emphasizes the importance of “not dieting” and instead creating lasting change through sustainable habits and creating nutritious recipes that are equally delicious. 


Sharon’s goals are to help people through education whether be through learning the foundations of movement patterns, creating sound habits, or learning easy ways to track macronutrients. 

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