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Youth Weightlifting Classes

Why Weightlifting?

Weightlifting is both a sport in and of itself as well as an outlet to increase sport performance. The speed, power, strength, mobility, and body awareness required to excel at weightlifting is what makes it so unique and beneficial. Many strength and conditioning programs include weightlifting in them which makes athletes who learn the skills early on ahead of the curb and their peers. Colleges love to see high proficiency in the weight room because they know they commitment and work ethic it takes to develop that skill and strength. 

We've found that the sport of weightlifting helps provide confidence to kids that other sports aren't able to replicate. This is because weightlifting is bolstered by a powerful and supportive community; especially within Mach 1 Barbell, that community and support is taken to the next level! 


Myths About Weightlifting for Kids

One of the most common objections for allowing kids in the weight room is that lifting weights will stunt their growth. This myth partly came from journalists reporting on child labor in China and the injuries that came about from hard manual labor. 

The truth of the matter is that with proper instruction and supervision, weightlifting will promote increased bone mineral density, strength and athleticism, and additional health benefits that come from a more muscular body composition. 

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