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How It All Started

In January 2019 all three M1B coaches, Pat, Jason, and RJ, sat together for their level 2 USA Weightlifting Certification. Up to this point they all had a passion for strength training and pushing their own athletic endeavors further, so naturally, weightlifting was a great fit for all of them. Afterwards, they accelerated their training to prepare for the first ever RYPT Summer Classic in June 2019. This would be the Olympic Weightlifting debut for the three of them as coaches and athletes!


Taking it one step further, Jason and Patrick qualified for and competed at the American Open Series in Daytona, Florida, September 2019. It was at this competition things began to change and realizations were made. The two of them agreed that this was an incredible and rewarding sport filled with opportunity, fulfillment, and excitement! On the other hand, they noticed something that was "off"... The majority of coaches present at this competition were handling more than one athlete thus not able to devote as much individual attention to each person. Additionally, observed were some athletes being put into a stressful environment from their coaches because of how "strict to the clock" they were with warm up attempts, regardless of the athletes readiness or needs. This stood out as a problem to Patrick and Jason coming from a background in personal training where clients are a priority during their time slot. This induced a spark to create something new and better.

Upon returning home, the three coaches collaborated on their thoughts of what they had witnessed, their coaching philosophies and values. This conversation led to the created of Mach 1 Barbell & "The 3 E's."

Empathy, Education, and Excellence...

These 3 pillars are the backbone of Mach 1 Barbell. Patrick, Jason, and RJ decided to come together in order to build a system that empowers people via the mechanisms of the 3 E's. 


A mutually agreed upon characteristic that makes a great coach. Understanding not just what our clients and athletes want and need, but why. Mach 1 Coaches aim to understand and connect with their clients on a deep level. It's not only important that we have a plan for you to reach your goals, but have a secondary plan in play once you get there. Or, understanding what obstacles can arise that could slow progress down and having a plan to pivot and adjust. This comes from knowing you well! As a Mach 1 client you aren't "just a number," you're special and you and your goals mean everything to us. 


Not only is continuing education for all coaches on staff highly valued, but educating our athletes and clients about the why's behind our methodology is extremely important. Why we program certain exercises over others, why we recommend some food choices over others. We want you to understand why you are training the way you are, not just blindly following instructions. 


The standard upheld by all Mach 1 coaches and clients. In the healthiest way possible we expect your best. That will never mean perfection; in some cases, that may not even mean doing something correctly. Excellent effort is the name of the game. We are big believers that consistency is the true key to success and reaching your goals, but if, and only if, you give your best into everything. Any nutritional habit being developed or a movement being learned requires this excellent effort.   

The OG (original) 7


The first 7 athletes that helped form
Mach 1 Barbell

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