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Personal Training

Private training is the most direct route to take when working towards your goals. Not only will you receive a customized plan for when you work with your coach or on off days, but you will be getting hands on instant feedback on your performance and coaching to to optimize it. Mach 1 Provide both in person AND virtual  training options to accommodate your availability! 

How it Works

Everything starts with a consultation where you and the trainer will have a discussion about your goals, injury history, exercise history, & nutritional habits. In addition to that conversation, the trainer will administer a movement assessment during the consultation. This evaluation allows the trainer to develop a program that is not only geared towards you achieving your fitness goals, but aims to enhance any weak points and work through or around any physical limitations. 

Online & In Person

In person training is either conducted at our facility (located 3435 Route 9 North, Freehold, NJ 07728). Virtual training through Zoom is also an option. 

What's Included

With all personal training packages, no matter the frequency or live vs virtual, a customized Training Program is included. The Mach 1 Barbell app allows us to keep track of the data from all of your sessions with and without a trainer. It makes progressing every phase of training more fluid and measurable

Start Today

Schedule a complimentary consultation HERE to get started! You can also chat with us using the members chat on screen to get answers to any questions you have immediately. 


"Training not only has affected me physically but it has also affected my mindset. It has allowed me to challenge myself and allowed me to see my potential when exercising."

- Tais Aparicio

Read her testimonial here!

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