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We offer several different types of classes every day ranging from strength training, cardio & conditioning, and sport performance.

Currently, we offer 4 main class formats: Average to Savage, Send it & Sweat it, Youth Development, and Olympic Weightlifting.

Continue scrolling down to learn more about each class!

What Makes the Mach 1 Barbell experience different?

Group training classes can be a great way to stay motivated and accountable to your health and fitness program, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals. The Mach 1 experience promises to endorse all of these benefits while additionally emphasizing the quality of our coaching. That can be lost when classes sizes are too large. By capping our class size and having 1-2 coaches available per class, we ensure that you will experience all of the benefits of group training while getting the benefits of a more intimate coaching experience. 


Our classes are challenging yet appropriate for all levels. Every client will be pushed appropriately to make steady progress while maintaining an emphasis on movement quality and injury prevention.  

All Class Based Memberships include:

  • Movement Assessment

  • Group Classes 

    • Red Includes 1 class per week​

    • White Includes up to 3 classes per week

    • Blue Includes up to 5 classes per week

  • Custom Training Program

  • Unlimited Gym Access during open hours

To learn more about these options, CLICK HERE!

Average to Savage

Average to Savage

Develop Strength, Power, and Mobility

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There are 5 main components to fitness that everyone should work on, no matter the goal;  those are: Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Balance. Average to Savage is a class format that primarily focuses on strength training, balance, and mobility.  

You can expect to learn and build upon fundamental movement patterns that are proven to be great for building lean muscle and improving performance in all walks of life. Strength training is some of the most valuable modalities you can integrate into your life, and through the watchful eyes of a Mach 1 Coach, you can rest assured you will be performing these exercises as safely and effectively as possible!

Send It and Sweat It

Sendi and sweat it

Push Your Limits in a Bootcamp Style Conditioning Session!

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Aerobic and endurance training are some of the most commonly done exercise modalities. Unfortunately, it is often improperly executed leading people further from achieving their fitness goals than closer to reaching them. 

The Send it & Sweat it class aims to solve that central issue by using evidence based endurance training to optimize your overall aerobic endurance and improve body composition. We do this by blending a mix of high, medium, and low intensity cardio sessions throughout the week to ensure you are getting all of what you need for the best results possible!

Youth Development

Youth Developmn

Safe & Effective Weightlifting & Sport Performance Training for All Ages!


When it comes to Youth Strength training some of the most common questions are if and when kids should start. The answer to the first question is undeniably, yes! Kids should be strength training but not without learning the proper form first. The Mach 1 Coaching staff has a decade of experience working with kids ages 12-17 teaching the fundamentals of strength training safely. Each staff member is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Whether kids participate in sports or not, strength training is the best way to improve performance in sports, reduce risk of injury in day to day life and in sports, and improve self confidence. The most important thing that makes youth strength training effective or not is the environment. Safety and expert guidance is imperative for success.

When should kids start strength training? This mostly depends on the maturity level of an individual. If they are able to and willing to take instruction and learn, they are ready for the gym!

Olympic Weightlifting

Oly Lifting Class

Supportive, Fun, and Growth Oriented Team Environment - On & Off the Platform


Whether you are beginner who knows little to nothing about weightlifting or you are advanced and looking for a coaching and team community to elevate your performance, then joining the Mach 1 Barbell team is the right decision!

Weightlifting is a fantastic sport for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in. Weightlifting promotes healthy habits, develops great strength and flexibility, and challenges the mind by staying competitive and focused!

Interested in learning more about what Olympic Weightlifting is like at Mach 1 Barbell? CLICK HERE! You can also schedule a call with a coach to learn more by CLICKING HERE.

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