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Nutrition Coaching

With the over-complication of nutrition due to trendy fad diets and attempted quick fixes, it makes it difficult to know what is the right answer. The truth is, there is no exact answer! The Mach 1 Coaching staff will work with your preferences and eating style to create a habit based, sustainable lifestyle. This life style will be suitable and optimal for your goals.


Education and Philosophy

Mach 1 Barbell nutrition coaches are trained through Precision Nutrition, one of the nation's leading organizations in educating new coaches. The M1B nutrition coaches take a behavior modification approach to optimizing your nutritional habits; meaning, they will work with you to create a plan that aims to become a part of your lifestyle indefinitely. 

Our philosophy is to simplify and clarify the world of nutrition to help you create a balanced and healthy lifestyle conducive towards your goals. Schedule your consultation today to see if Mach 1 coaching is the best fit for you!

How it Works

Although nutrition coaching sessions can be scheduled in person, most people opt for Zoom or Facetime sessions for the convenience. In the first session you and the coach will discuss your current dietary lifestyle and what your goals are. Every session after that will build upon the previous one, similarly to exercising. Each week you and your coach will agree on 1-3 lifestyle changes to work on, and as they are successfully implemented they will progress. These tasks range and vary depending on the person, the goal, and the circumstance. 

Most people start with weekly 1 hour sessions and month to month taper down, as long as results are being made. An example nutrition coaching cycle may look like this:

  • Month 1: Four 1-hour sessions

  • Month 2: Two 1-hour sessions

  • Month 3: Two 30-minute sessions

  • Month 4 & on: One 30-minute session

What's Included

The most common question we are asked as nutrition coaches is "do you write/will I get a meal plan?" The short answer is, no. We work within our legal scope of practice, the only certified personnel to administer meal plans are Registered Dietitians and we are Certified Nutrition Coaches; however, we will help you choose proper portions, educate you on healthy eating and debunking fallacies in nutrition, & help develop healthy relationships and habits with food. 

Start Today! Schedule a consultation HERE, or start a chat with us using the members chat at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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