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Coast Rehab


Coast Rehab Mission: To help, inspire, and empower you to get better, get stronger, and get back to doing the activities you love that fuel your life ! We believe in an active approach to recovery so that you don’t miss out on any of life’s opportunities due to pain or limitations. 

Coast Rehab is located INSIDE the Mach 1 facility.

They also have locations in Manasquan and Toms River. 

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Earth Fed Muscle


Earth Fed Muscle was born of a need for a high quality, high performing, great-tasting whey, and our passion for making the best protein on the market is still as strong as Day 1.

There’s a reason we say Better Every Day. It’s the attitude and effort we bring to everything we do — in life, in competition, and in the way we do business.

By athletes, for athletes. Whey Protein. Plant-Based Protein. Creatine. Pre-workout & Much more ! 

Thorne Supplements

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There are a lot of different supplement companies out there, and as fitness professionals we are always asked which is the best. We've been asked by numerous brands to partner with them, but none seemed like the best fit; that is until Thorne came around! 

They are NSF certified and Third Party tested, which means you can be certain what you buy is what you get! They are the go to supplements for many professional athletes such as Dwayne Wade and the UFC. 

Click the link below to shop our custom dispensary, and save 10% buy using auto ship!

Ma22 (Ma Deuce Deuce)

"No Veteran Behind"


Ma22 is a non-profit organization based out of Toms River, NJ that works to raise money in support of veterans, specifically suffering from PTSD and other TBDs, in need. The ways they help veterans range from getting them professional help, helping to pay bills they cannot afford, or creating out the house fun opportunities for them and their families. 

We at Mach 1 Barbell love their mission and what they do, so every year we host a fundraising event to raise money to donate to Ma22. The event is called LIFT, and is essentially a weightlifting game with the same rules as the popular backyard basketball game, "HORSE."  

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