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Building a stronger team

Team Performance Training

Are you a coach, athlete, or parent that is looking for the best way to get your team ahead of the competition? 

Mach 1 Barbell's signature Team Performance Training programs are designed to improve capability and confidence while you play. Whether you are looking to improve speed, agility, strength, power, or a combination of them all, we tailor your team program to the team's overall goals to get better together!

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Physical preparation is essential for improving performance and reducing the likelihood of injury. With Mach 1's Team Performance Training, you will improve your footwork, running mechanics, speed, strength, power output, mobility, and conditioning.


Whether you are new to the weight room or have years of experience in the weight room, we have a program for you! Our Mach 1 program is progressive to develop your physical and mental toughness all while prioritizing movement quality which develops confidence and capability on and off the field.

Looking to train where you play? We will meet you on your home turf to give you a home field advantage for your training.

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Home (at M1B)

The Mach 1 home field advantage provides you with access to all of the state of the art equipment in our brand new 4500 sqft facility. Whether we are working on agility on the turf, power cleans on the platforms, or a stronger foundation in the weight room, we have all the tools for the job!
Coach's recommendation for athletes that need to increase strength, stability, and confidence


Adding on a speed and agility program to your current practice schedule can provide a tremendous amount of value. Whether we start or finish a regularly scheduled practice by adding in our skills and drills or if it is on a day by itself, every athlete will benefit from weekly training with Mach 1. We will have a coach come to you so you can limit additional travel with an already busy schedule.

Coach's recommendation for athletes that need to increase speed, agility, coordination


Looking for a combination of both? That is where our Hybrid program comes in. Train one day at Mach 1 and 1 day on the field/court/etc.

Coach's recommendation for well rounded athletes looking to improve all aspects of their game and life.

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