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12 Week Powerlifting Program

The 12 week Powerlifting Program is split into 3 phases, with phase 1 starting in a higher volume hypertrophy cycle, and phase 3 finishing with a 1 rep max test. Throughout the three phases you will be presented with 5 days per week of workouts; 3 of these focusing on the squat, bench press, and deadlift, and 2 of them focusing on upper and lower body accessory movements. The accessory days are optional, yet encouraged to complete. 

This program is designed for intermediate level powerlifters, or beginners who have already established their 1 rep max in the squat, bench press, and deadlift. If you are unsure whether the program is appropriate for you, Click Here to schedule a call with a coach to discuss your current level of training and whether it would be appropriate for you. 

You will be working through this program on our training app which includes benefits, such as:

  • Video demonstrations of all exercises in the program

  • 2-way messenger to communicate with the coaches and to send videos of your training for the coaches to analyze and critique

  • A data archive that automatically tracks your personal bests (reps and weight used) for every exercise performed, making progressive overload easier than ever

Follow the sign up link below to start your program today!


"The program from Mach 1 is better than anything I could have written.  It is the perfect intensity.  I can feel and see progress with each session."

- Dr. AJ Gaines

Read his testimonials here!


Planning on competing in a powerlifting meet and need a program to help you prepare for that? We've got you covered! 

The 6 week powerlifting peak program perfectly prepares you for your next meet with progressive intensity, undulating periodization to prevent overtraining, video analysis for every exercise, and full access to our training app! 

At only $20, ensure your competition success!

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