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Send It Bracelet

Send It Bracelet


These bracelets are hand made using real gem stones that symbolize everything you want while stepping on the platform. The gems include Quartz (energize), Tiger eye (focus), Citrine (confidence) Carnelian (courage), and Hematite (grounding and protection) in addition to the words Send It and the Mach 1 logo.


This bracelet is a subtle reminder while lifting to Send It and also a nice fashionable piece of jewelry by Lotus Lagoon. For those that know Age, she is the founder and creator of Lotus Lagoon! Made local with love in Toms River!


These bracelets are made to order and may take up to 2 weeks to be hand made. We will have yours ready for pick up or delivery as soon as possible! Full payment will go to Lotus Lagoon to help with Autism Awareness and Kcnma1 Awarness

  • Sizing

    Small - 7 inches

    Medium - 7½ inches

    Large - 8 inches

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