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Mach 1 Barbell App

Bridging the Gap Between In-Person and Online Training

Our custom training app has features built in that allows us to customize it to give you the Mach 1 Barbell experience from anywhere around the world! Whether you train with us remotely, virtually, or in-person, all M1B clients use the custom training app to level up their program. 

One of the best features of the Mach 1 Barbell app is its ability to archive all training data. The app logs and archives the amount of weight used and total reps completed for every exercise. Whether you bench press 45lbs for 12 reps, or 300lbs for 1, the app will store that data and shows you when you have that exercise in your program! This makes tracking progress easy and straight forward.

Increased Accountability and Frequency
The Mach 1 app includes a calendar that lays out all of your planned activity for the week, as well as displays the completion status of each activity. This is both helpful for the coach and the client. The coach will be able to see whether workouts are being completed or missed. The client can plan their workouts ahead of time and use the drag and drop feature to customize their routine and schedule. This further opens communication and helps coaches work with your needs, making any changes, if needed. 

Exercise Videos and Descriptions: Carry your trainer in your pocket
One feature that we receive the most positive feedback on are the exercise videos. Every exercise has a brief video showcasing the proper form, as well as a written description with further key points and cues. These videos are no more than 20 seconds so you can watch them during your workout without taking too much time away from getting the important work done!

Text Messaging and Video Analysis

This, to us, is the most important feature of the app! It is not only our primary means of communication with our clients, but it is how we are able to coach proper technique and provide feedback when you are not in person with us. Sending videos from your training for a coach's analysis is crucial for a client's progression. It provides the opportunity for us to see what looks good or needs improvement during your training session. Video feedback is the next best option to in person coaching. 

Healthy Habit and Nutrition Tracking

Moving your body is only half the battle. The reason most people do not see the results they want in the gym is due to lack of awareness on what they are consuming day to day. Our app allows easy access to track meals with photos, macro tracking, and calorie counting. In addition to food choices, you can set healthy habit goes such as hydration targets, reminder to pack your gym bag, daily stretching, and more! Our app is a centralized hub for all your training and nutritional needs to reach your goals!

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