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Send It and Sweat It

Work Hard in Weightlifting, Break A Sweat in Bootcamp!

Send It & Sweat It is our class format that is in between the Competition Weightlifting Team and the Intro to Weightlifting programs. This class combines the implementation of traditional weightlifting with high intensity conditioning in it's program. The class format will start with a dynamic group warm up which will prepare and lead into the main compound movement of the day (either the snatch, clean, or jerk). Then, the class will work on 1-2 strength accessory movements and finish with a high intensity bootcamp style finisher!


We recommend this class for anyone who enjoys developing their skill set with weightlifting but doesn't have the desire to compete in the sport, and instead focus on overall health and fitness.

This class has a once per week and twice per week option. Both memberships include an initial movement screen upon registration and a customized program for off days on our training app.

If you want more information, please email, otherwise you can sign up below!