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Send It and Sweat It

Work Hard in Weightlifting, Break A Sweat in Bootcamp!

Send It & Sweat It is our non-competitive weightlifting class! It is the perfect step if you enjoy doing weightlifting and focus on health but have no desire to get on the competition platform. It provides an the perfect avenue to pursue weightlifting further upon completion of our Intro to Weightlifting program too!


This class combines is designed with the barbell in mind and built for bootcamp. If you take pride in breaking a sweat, pushing your body, and getting stronger, this was designed for YOU! We utilize the snatch, clean, jerk, squat, press, pull and carry to develop functional strength along with scientific based conditioning protocols and accessory drills to build work capacity and get in shape.

This class has a once per week and twice per week option. Both memberships include an initial movement screen upon registration and a customized program for off days on our training app.

Tuesday 7pm: Oly weightlifting Focus

Saturday 9:30am: Bootcamp Focus

If you want more information, please email, otherwise you can sign up below!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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