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Summer Shred

This transformation challenge is designed to transform your body. It requires discipline. It requires the willingness to change not just your body, but your lifestyle. The intensity of the challenge may be higher than you are used to. For that reason, we are hand selecting 5 applicants that can prove they are ready for this level of commitment. If you are not ready, that is not a problem! We offer each of these services individually and can customize your results and rate of progress to be more in line with your readiness. However, by joining this challenge you understand the level of commitment needed for the next 4 weeks.


Following completion of the transformation, we will be highly encouraging you to utilize our maintenance program or your preferred coaching service if you need additional support to continue your journey to the new you. The maintenance program is of equal importance to the transformation challenge. This prevents the yo-yo affect experienced by many transformation challenges. Continuation into the maintenance program provides effective workouts, educational based coaching and will introduce a higher level of self accountability. Although you will still be working with the Mach 1 coaches, you can proudly say you are in control of your health and results. 


  • Must be able to attend 12 in person small group training classes

  • Must be able to download our app

  • Must be willing to prioritize health and fitness 

  • Must be able to cook meals or have access to a meal prep service

  • Must take before and after photos

  • Must sign a media release form

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