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Power For Life

The secret to moving like a superhero for years to come is power  training

When you think of power training do you think of elite athletes doing extreme plyometrics, jumping heigh and sprinting fast, lifting crazy big weights? If you do, you'd be 100% correct! However, if you aren't also thinking about improving your balance, bulletproofing and lubricating your joints, and improving overall quality of life then you are missing an entire facet of power training all together!

Power training differs from traditional strength training by integrating one vital component - velocity. By training the body to move through different ranges of motion at high speeds and with grace, you are preparing yourself for whatever life throws at you. Whether it's tripping over your dog or missing a curb, power training prepares you for life!

Who's it For?

The best part about Power For Life is it's for anyone! Why? The class is meant to prepare you for whatever life may throw at you, and ensure that you're strong and durable enough to withstand it. Maybe  you are an adult in their mid to late 50's who likes to stay active and play recreational sports such as tennis or skiing. Or perhaps you're entirely brand new to fitness and you need something to help keep you in shape, build muscle, and develop athleticism. This class is for anyone looking to get stronger, build lean muscle, and feel younger and athletic! 

What We Do

Some examples of exercise you would do in a class are:

  • Running mechanic drills - Learning and strengthening your core and posture.

  • Lateral movement - Exercises that move you in multiple planes to help develop weaker movement patterns.

  • Basic Plyometrics - The fundamentals of jumping and throwing that can be modified to anyone's needs or limitations, but are key to developing fast twitch muscle fibers.

  • Strength Training - Squat, Push, Pull, Hinge, Lunge, Twist. These are five fundamental movement patterns we will train to help increase strength, balance, and stability.

  • Conditioning - Different forms of aerobic exercises to help improve overall fitness level.

Power For Life is a class we host 3 days per week that is specifically geared towards unlocking your superpowers! Book a free trial below to start your journey!

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