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Why Train for Golf?

As a golfer, you always want to find the next best drill, tool, or technique to lower your score. Improving your golf game is an investment in your time and effort. That’s where Mach 1’s Golf Performance Program comes in.


We have taken a physiological and biomechanical approach on making sure your investment is as efficient and beneficial as possible. Knowing how to approach each shot requires knowledge, experience and skill. Having the mobility in your backswing, stability on your follow through and power through the ball allows you to make the most of each shot. Most people find a way to compensate for their physical restrictions. Our goal is to address and minimize them as much as possible to create a better feeling swing, longevity in the game, and avoid overuse injuries.


How do you know if this program is for you? 

We designed this program with each end of the spectrum in mind. 

-Up and coming, looking to be a better athlete on and off the course? 

-Retired and playing for leisure but want to move better and feel better while you play?

-Want to move better, hit further, and minimize fatigue on the back 9?

-Want to take charge of your health and wellbeing while benefiting the game you love?

You are in the right place

Mach 1 Training Method

All training programs have a starting point. Just like when you take a lesson and the pro analyzes your swing, at Mach 1 we guide all of our athletes through a movement assessment. We screen for muscular imbalances, mobility restrictions, baseline strength levels, and specific movement patterns that are in high demand for your sport. 

Once we have a baseline established, your program is constructed with corrective exercises implemented to help optimize your performance throughout your training protocol. 

We are result driven. Meaning, we will be monitoring and tracking your progress throughout the program and performing retests periodically to measure your improvement on the course. 

12 Week Golf Training

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12 Week Golf Training

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Golf Programs
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