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Class Membership Discounts

Valid if Enrolled by 2/29/2024

Enroll in ANY class membership by February 29th and receive the value of the 1st month's membership as debit towards any services!

For example, enroll in the Red membership, which is $150/month, and you will be gifted $150 as debit to use for personal training or nutrition coaching! 

To learn more about our different membership options, CLICK HERE.

To buy a membership, CLICK HERE

Personal training Discounts

Valid if Enrolled by 2/29/2024

Monthly personal training is discounted until February 29th 2024! The greater the package you enroll in, the more savings you are eligible for! These discounts are valid for the first 2 months of membership.

The discounts are as followed:

  • 4 Sessions = $350 ($30 saving)

  • 8 Sessions = $650 ($70 saving)

  • 12 Sessions = $920 ($100 saving)

To speak with a coach regarding questions about any memberships or discounts, CLICK HERE.

To enroll in a membership, CLICK HERE 

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