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6 Week Challenge

Springboard into a Healthy Lifestyle! 
Accountability, Support, & Long Lasting Results


What Makes our Challenge Different?


The 6 Week Challenge is the perfect plan for anyone looking to kickstart or revitalize their health and fitness lifestyle. Our challenge is different from other challenges you may be familiar with; this is not a money grab or quick fix for us or you, respectively.


As coaches, our intention for anyone taking part in one of our challenges is to help you stay accountable to eating healthy, incorporating safe and effective workouts regularly into your life, and learn how to instill these good habits on a long term basis. 

We challenge you to use these 6 weeks to develop healthy and sustainable exercise and nutritional habits. Developing lifestyle habits that are realistic to implement and keep long term is the ultimate goal of this challenge. We'll provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to continue building on those habits upon completion of the challenge, you just have to commit to the process!

What Does the Challenge Include?

You and the other participants of the challenge will tackle this endeavor as a team! Both your peers and coaches will play a very important role in your journey over the next 6 weeks. Whether you prefer to work out in a class setting or find working one on one with a coach, you will receive:

  • Personal training and/or group training fit for your appropriate fitness levels

  • 1 weekly community round-table discussion focusing around nutrition, lifestyle habit optimization, and bright spot recognition

  • Movement Assessment with a personalized physical restoration program

  • 6 Week Challenge E-Book

The next challenge starts: APRIL 15th, 2024!

Register for the challenge with Personal Training and save $20 per session, PLUS get 3 FREE!


Register for the challenge with classes and save 33% with our Challenge Membership! 


6 Week Challenge Results

Slide Left or Right for a Before and After comparison of Andrew K!

Click the link Above to see more details of our other 6 Week Challenge Successes!

Slide Left or Right for a Before and After comparison of Maria P!

Click the link below to see more details of our other 6 Week Challenge Successes!

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